C4N seminars Prof. Dr. Leda Dimou & Prof. Dr. Stephane Auvin

Start Time

2 MAR, 2018

End Time

2 MAR, 2018


VUB Auditorium 3 Campus Jette


C4N Seminars 2-3-2018C4N Seminars 2-3-2018

Friday 2nd of March 2018


11:45h-12:30h: NG2-glia: a journey through their mystery in the adult brain

by Prof. Dr. Leda Dimou, Molecular and Translational Neuroscience, University of Ulm (Germany)


12:30h-13:15h: Role of inflammation on epileptogenesis in the developing brain

by Prof. Dr. Stephane Auvin, Epilepsy & Child Neurology, Paris Diderot University (France)


Where? VUB Auditorium 3 Campus Jette