Cognition and Modelling

PI: Guy Nagels


C4N researchers:

Peter Van Schuerbeek (staff)

Johan Stiens  (staff)

Jeroen Van Schependom  (Associate professor)

Pim Pullens (postdoc)

Alexander De Cock (Postdoc)

Jeroen Gielen (PhD student)

Jorne Laton (PhD student)

Lars Costers (PhD student)

Maarten Naeyaert (PhD student)

Johan Baijot (PhD student)

Eowyn Van Wittenberghe (PhD student)

Wietse Wiels  (Neurology registrar)

Hubert Raeymaeckers


The Cognition and Modelling Group (CIME) aims to bridge the gap between clinical and computational neurosciences. We focus on the analysis of brain imaging data from different modalities (EEG, MEG, fMRI) and clinical populations (multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s dementia). The techniques we employ range from ERP analyses, to the assessment of functional connectivity and graph theoretical analyses to computational modelling (e.g. Hidden Markov Model, Kuramoto model) and artificial intelligence techniques (support vector machines, artificial neural networks, …), with the goal to develop biomarkers for cognitive deterioration in neurological disorders.