Exercise and the Brain in Health and Disease

PI: Romain Meeusen


C4N Researchers:

Bart Roelands

Lieselot Decroix

Jeroen Van Cutsem

Kevin De Pauw

Bruno Tassignon

Jo Ghillebert

Sander De Bock


Mechanisms of Central Fatigue

Exercise & Neurotransmission – Mental Fatigue




Exercise & Neurogenesis



Mental Fatigue


Strategic Research Program

(Neuro)physiological aspect of fatigue (assisted walking)

Orthotics, prostetics R&MM dept.


Training – Overreaching – OTS

Top-test (training optimalisation = double max)


Exercise & Health

Nutritional manipulations

Commuter cycling

Cycling Desks


Website Human Physiology Research Group (MFYS) & Human Performance Lab (BLITS)