Stroke and Brain Injury

PI: Sylvie De Raedt


C4N researchers:

Jacques De Keyser (staff)

Ron Kooijman (staff)

Luc Huyghens (staff)

Nam Duc Nguyen (staff)

Said Hachimi-Idrissi (staff)

Christian Verborgh(staff)


This research line mainly focusses on the role of factors that influence outcome of acute stroke and neuroprotective interventions in the pre-hospital and in-hospital phase.

The team also investigates new therapeutic interventions for acute ischemic stroke in small animal models (Neuro-inflammation, neurotrophic factors and neuroprotection).

Another line of research involves the assessment of brain injury in critically ill patients using serum biomarkers and contras-enhanced ultrasound imaging of the cerebral microcirculation.