Cognitive (neuro)psychology

PI: Eva Van den Bussche


C4N researcher:

Bart Aben

Hans Stuyck


In cognitive psychology the basic mechanisms and functions of human behavior are studied. Our research group focuses on higher order executive functions (such as cognitive control) and consciousness. This research has an important fundamental and theoretical focus, which is then translated to more health-related and societal applications. Specific research lines of our lab include: the study of reactive and proactive control in healthy and clinical samples (i.e., insomnia); metacognition; semi-supervised categorization; insight and incubation during creative problem solving; the transmission of pain through observational learning. Both behavioral and neurophysiological (e.g., patient studies, EEG, fMRI) methods are used. Our work can be considered as leading in the field of cognitive psychology and is embedded within an extensive national and international network.