Alain Dupont

Alain Dupont, MD, PhD, is an internist-clinical pharmacologist and professor at the VUB and head of the Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy Department of the University Hospital of Brussels, where he also leads the hypertension clinic, and the Medical Pharmaceutical Committee. He was vice-dean researcher for 4 years and from 2008 to 2016 dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. He was a member of the Executive Board of the UZ Brussels and of the Executive Board of the VUB.

Alain Dupont was the chairman and member of the Belgian Medicines Reimbursement Commission and is member and former chairman of the Board of the Belgian Center for Pharmacotherapeutic Information. He combined his academic positions with various executive positions at Johnson & Johnson from November 1991 to February 2000.

His research focus is on hypertension, cardiovascular pharmacology and pharmacotherapy. He received 3 scientific prizes, is author and co-author of more than 150 papers in peer reviewed journals and books, and promoter of various PhD students. He is member of the EFAR research group and chairman of the research group KFAR.


Research themes

CNS and Blood Pressure Controle