Cleo Crunelle

Cleo Crunelle is a post-doctoral research staff member and neuroscientist at the department of Psychiatry at the University Hospital Brussels (Belgium) and a toxicological researcher at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). She graduated Cum Laude from the Free University of Brussels (Belgium) and completed her PhD at the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) on the development of new neurobiological strategies to treat patients with cocaine dependence. Dr. Crunelle is engaged in several clinical and preclinical projects, with a specific focus on the treatment of alcohol and substance use dependence and adult ADHD. Since 2015, she was involved in developing the Guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with ADHD and comorbid substance use disorders. She thus far published over fifty articles in international and national peer-reviewed journals, and supervises several Bachelor, Master and PhD students. Dr. Crunelle is an active member of the International Collaboration on ADHD and Substance Use Disorders (ICASA), the Society of Hair Testing (SoHT), the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), and of the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO).

Specialization: Substance Use Disorders


Research themes

Mental diseases