Guy Nagels

Prof. Dr. ir. Guy Nagels trained as a medical doctor (VUB 1992) and computer science engineer (burgerlijk ingenieur in de toegepaste computerwetenschappen, VUB 2012), and obtained a PhD in biomedical sciences (UA 2007). He holds Belgian board certifications in neurology (1997), rehabilitation medicine (2006), medical data management (2004) and insurance medicine (2008). He is currently a consultant neurologist for MS in the UZ Brussel, head of neurology in the National MS Center Melsbroek, consultant neurophysiologist in the academic psychiatric center Kortenberg, teaches cellular neurophysiology at the VUB and medical aspects of disability at the UMONS, and is academic visitor at the Oxford centre for human brain activity (OHBA). Guy Nagels recently founded the Cognition and Modelling (CIME) research group on the intersection of engineering and medical sciences. CIME has extensive knowledge and experience on the analysis of large datasets of neurophysiological data and works in close collaboration with the Oxford centre for Human Brain Activity, the magnetoencephalography unit at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the BIODEM lab at the University of Antwerp and industrial partners such as the spinoff neuroimaging company icometrix.


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Research themes

Cognition and Modelling

Stroke and Brain Injury

Multiple Sclerosis