Reginald Deschepper

0486 632599

My focus and main interest are interdisciplinary studies in which observational and neurophysiological methods are combined to link subjective experiences/perceptions and objective indicators. This transdisciplinary mixed method (tMM) approach is used to study






  • assessment of pain, awareness and well-being in non-communicative patients
  • impact of life-style interventions (based on four pillars: stress-management (meditation/yoga, biofeedback…), moderate physical activity (e.g. walking), diet and social support (e.g. by weekly meetings).
  • Integrative personalized approach for genetic diseases, i.c. cardiac arrhythmias
  • Impact of terroristic threat on health
  • Heart rate variability and its role in health

ResearchID:  B-8103-2013

Research themes

Mental Health and Wellbeing