Yana Van Den Herrewegen



Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) is an acquired form of focal epilepsy often caused by an initial traumatic event. In one-third of patients the available anti-seizure drugs (ASDs), mainly focusing on neuronal targets, do not adequately control seizures and therefore innovative treatment options are necessary. I study the role of astrocyte signaling in TLE, by using a chemogenetic approach to induce an astrocyte-specific expression of genetically engineered receptors (DREADDs) in a model for TLE. This allows us to selectively modulate astrocyte signaling and to study its effect on the recurrence of spontaneous seizures and the associated comorbidities in this mouse model.

Researchgate Yana Van Den Herrewegen


Research themes

Target-driven drug discovery approaches for refractory epilepsy